Elemental Matcha + Meditation Series FAQ

Elemental Matcha Meditation SeriesJoin us every Sunday for 4 weeks starting May 16th at 8:30 am PST / 11:30 am EST. Led by meditation, breathwork & energy cultivation coach and herbalist Bo Large. Class length: 45 minutes. Sign up here.

Questions you may have:

Is there a cost to attend the classes?

It’s free! This class is our gift to you - our community. We know the year has been intense in many ways and we wanted to provide you with a space to receive nourishment, support and some matcha-infused self-care! There is no cost.

I have never done meditation or breathwork before, can I still attend?

This class is designed for all levels of experience and is accessible and regenerative to both those new to mindfulness + meditation and an experienced meditator.

What should I wear?

Anything that you are comfortable sitting in, breathing in, and engaging in some light movement.

Is the class online?

Yes! Because our customers are all over the world, we are hosting this meditation series online to bring its accessibility to our whole community!

Where can I take the class from?

Since you will be doing some gentle movement and also be using voice at some points, take the class in a space you feel comfortable and safe. You can practice in a room, in a park, or even sitting on your bed. Anywhere that you have room to sit, have privacy to hear the class, and are able to comfortably drop in and express your embodiment. Video on/off optional.

What if I don’t have matcha? Can I still attend class?

Of course! Since the class will focus on using a ‘beverage’ as part of the practice, if matcha is not accessible to you, we invite you to bring another nourishing drink of choice (tea, lemon water, etc.). Since coffee activates the nervous system, if possible Bo recommends that you bring a more gentle drink (decaf/herbal) to the class. However, this space is for you! So, whatever nourishing beverage you choose is perfect.

Can I invite a friend?

Yes! Of course, we would love to have as many souls as possible being nourished from this series. All you need to do is share this link with them and once they sign up we will email out class information the night before each of the 4 classes!

I want to attend but I can’t make all 4 classes, is that okay?

Definitely! We are excited to have you in whatever way you can show up. You do not need to attend all four classes. Although the classes will build on each other synergistically, they are also designed so that you can attend them as individual meditation classes and still receive nourishment from the space! We are excited to have you.

I have accessibility needs, can you accommodate?

Please contact Bo at thealshemist@gmail.com about your accessibility needs. We desire to ensure this space to be accessible to everyone.

The instructor is non-binary, what does that mean and what are pronouns?

When someone’s gender is non-binary they do not identify with the binary (meaning 2) gender system (man + woman). Since this word ‘non-binary’ covers a beautiful and diverse ‘spectrum’ of gender identities, each person who identifies as non-binary can have a completely different meaning for this word and how it expresses their own gender. For Bo, they do not identify as a man or a woman and are ‘Gender Queer’. The pronouns that meet and honour this best are ‘Them’ and ‘They’. An example of how to integrate and honour this in a sentence is “I took the amazing Matcha + Meditation class with Bo @thealshemist, have you heard of them? I love the way they taught me how to meditate with my delicious matcha”.

About Bo:

Bo Large (@thealshemist) Meditation, Breathwork, and Energy Cultivation Coach who teaches with a focus on breathwork, somatic consciousness, cultivating inner sight, and nervous system awareness.

In addition to leading embodied classes, Bo provides potent growth containers for clients through 1-on-1 Quantum Attunement Coaching, designs expansive consciousness centred events, and supports the community through their work in Herbalism and Plant Alchemy.

Bo is non-binary and uses the pronouns 'them + they'.

Want to learn more about their work? Set up a free 1-on-1 exploration call to learn more about their offerings (bolarge.square.site) and make sure to stay connected to their magic through Instagram.