Make it cozy with matcha.

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3 Tips Every Matcha Lover Should Know

From storage to water temperature and whisking methods, we share all the details.


5 Unique Matcha Recipes

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3 Simple Ways to Make Matcha

Community Feedback

Reviews from our little matcha community!

"After a long journey I have found the matcha! I am not ashamed to admit I did a happy dance as I sipped this rich, creamy, and savoury matcha."

Reviewed by Crystal | Uji Ceremonial Matcha

"It's so fresh and light. Being a tea lover for years I can tell this matcha is of the highest quality. It has vegetal notes and a smooth sweetness."

Reviewed by Alice | Kirishima Ceremonial Matcha

"I just got into matcha during this pandemic and it’s life changing! I've tried a few different kinds and Soar is by far my favourite."

Review by Meg | Everyday Matcha

"The roasted flavour is strong and smooth. I usually drink this iced with some honey and frothed oat milk. It is a perfect combination!"

Reviewed by Hanna | Hojicha Powder